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Standard of Living in Gothenburg for International Students

Planning your budget is the most important part of studying abroad in Gothenburg. Just like anywhere else in the world living expenses in Gothenburg depend on your own lifestyle and also on where you live, where you study.

Studying in Gothenburg is really a great idea because there are number of international students who get enrolled in top universities of Gothenburg, and the number is increasing day by day because the city provides many opportunities to students; Scholarships, Financial Aids, Job Placements, Paid Internships programs and much more. It is simply because the city has stable economy rate and, growth in trade and shipping sectors.

• The University Tuition Fee in Gothenburg:

All the students who come from the EU or EEA do not have to submit their tuition fees. For them there is a relief. They only have to pay an application fee. This fee can also be paid online for master’s and bachelor’s degree programs.

All the non-EU or non-EEA students have to pay the tuition fee which is around 9,700EUR for social sciences, humanities and law programs while for all the science programs, students have to pay 15,000EUR per year. But amount may vary from university to university. As long as business degrees are concerned, they cost 13,000EUR per year.

• The Accommodation Cost of Students Living in Gothenburg:

Accommodation covers almost 40% of budget per month. Students who live alone need 500EUR monthly, students living with their partners require 600EUR monthly, and students living in residence halls require 365EUR monthly.

• Food Cost of International Students in Gothenburg:

Food costs basically depend upon the eating habits of the students. On average it is around 200EUR monthly. Eating in the Swedish hotel will cost any student around 10EUR, a drink in a bar will cost 6 EUR.

• Transportation Cost For International Students:

Around 45% of students in Gothenburg use public transports to get to their universities or jobs. Public transportation costs around 40-50EUR.

• Other Expenses of an International Student:

Health facilities require 30EUR, Social Activities require 70EUR and Books, etc require 80EUR.

The minimum cost of students living in Gothenburg is around 1,250EUR monthly.

So, plan your trip according to the above details to avoid any problem.

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