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Google Also Preserves Your YouTube Usage History

Social media is used as a mere hobby festival, where while it is extremely powerful and networking sites and it is not possible to live without it, it is extremely dangerous and life-threatening. The services you provide are also not actually free, in return take a lot from you. These companies make billions of dollars by selling up-to-date, day-to-day details and information. Use social media, but not self-use. Also, they should be used thoughtfully and in a certain direction.

Can Others You tubers see yours history:

Our photos, videos, listening songs are all in their eyes. What time has it come…!! We desperately wanted someone to keep an eye on our activities, calling it espionage and personal life, and now we turn our detectives into our own hands.

Google and Facebook Keep Your Data Safe:

Moving out of your country, Google and Facebook not only look at our activities, but they also keep it safe. If you download your data and unzip it to your computer, you will be surprised to find only one document with eighty, ninety thousand entries in the Search History document, which also notes that you What photos did they download and which websites they visited. You wanted to know about a criminal and that they were also looking for illegal software. That is, if you are involved in any suspicious activity, this data is sufficient to testify. Just look at your Google Calendar. Where did all your events go in this backup? What time? Then don’t be surprised to see that the files you’ve deleted are also there in Google Drive. Your monthly budget is there, your important codes, programs, and more. Many people use Google Fit when it comes to fitness.

Google Will Also Have Thousands Of Your Photos:

Google kept all of their walks, yoga, workouts, whatever they were doing, safe. You probably never want Google to record your personal stuff on how long you work out. Then with Google’s option, you revoke this permission to Google Fit. Google will also have thousands of your photos, which after downloading, you can see that Google has sorted these images into a timeline for months and years.

No need to worry now that Facebook and Google are not only keeping an eye on your every move, but also keeping them secure on their servers but no need to panic. If you are fine and doing nothing wrong on the Internet, your activities are not harmful to society and the nation, then you do not have to worry, but you do not worry, your phone, computer And if anyone else misuses emails, then there is a risk of getting stuck, which is the only way to avoid having to ignore security tools using social media and other sites.

YouTube History:

He even guessed from the search that you had a guest coming up. It also knows your religious and political orientations, then who is the victim of depression and thinking of suicide. Google shows videos on your mobile or computer screen based on search history. ۔ If you like, add your YouTube history


You can control and delete them by going to. Also, you can download any type of content before you want to delete it. Download your data by going to // https: Facebook also allows you to download and save data. It contains data backup apps, messages, photos, videos, phone contacts, and other records. Facebook, like Google, has a record of what other things you might like.

Facebook Keep Your Information Secrete:

It does this based on your past likes and your friends’ activities. it also keeps track of the stickers you have ever sent to a friend. In addition, the Facebook server also has information about when, where, and from which device you were logged in. Plus, he also remembers whether you stick to politics or cricket. Or get involved with web and graphic designing. And also that you were a virgin for years and what game you played a lot at that time

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