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How To Fix A Policy Validation Problem In Google AdSense?

I have read numerous articles on this issue for the past 7 days, watch numerous videos, that is to say, great research on it. Got a lot from the Google AdSense Official Support Forum, check out their official YouTube channel, Kill, to find out the real solution to this problem.

So I came to the conclusion that all of Google AdSense policies have one thing in common, that they should be quality content and write their own articles.

For Google AdSense Publisher:

If you only need to have Google AdSense approved on one of your sites, skip the copy-paste job. Write your own article. There will be talk about how we can write our own article in English. So, brothers and sisters, if you do not write articles in English, you will get Google AdSense.

See Google AdSense supports 46 languages, including Hindi and Urdu in those 46 languages. So if you do not know English, you write articles in Hindi Urdu.

How many articles should be on the site now?

So if you follow our advice, I would suggest that you post 30 articles, which you post 1 article daily to your site and you do not copy or download it from anywhere. Design your own. Of course, why not just write the title of this article or post?

When you post 1 article daily for 30 days, your site will have regular reactivity, which will be a great way for you to get AdSense. Now you must create something very important on your site such as.

  • Home
  • About us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Cookies Policy
  • Disclaimer & Contact Us

These pages must be in the top menu bar of your site. Your site must be Responsive, i.e. mobile friendly.

When you apply for Google AdSense, there are some very important things to keep in mind, that when you apply for AdSense, your site should be 1 month old, which is your domain. What happens now is that people take over the domain and keep posting articles on the blog. After 1 month connect the domain to your blog, and apply. So don’t do that, because if you own a domain, link it to your blog, and publish articles on it, then it turns out that both your site vs. domain must be 1 month old.


Submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. Try the Gmail you created for AdSense under the same domain name, and you should not give it any information that you provided when applying your first AdSense, such as a mobile number. , Your date of birth, etc. That means your information must be fresh.
  2. This is how you should provide your blog’s address when applying for AdSense. (
  3. Here we make a big mistake, because we give our address ( this way, or ( when you Google. AdSense is applying, so consider giving examples where we need to give the blog URL. Below this they are giving you the example URL. So you have to be careful, because this is one of the major reasons for the policy deviation, and for that reason you get to see another problem, namely, sit down. So keep this point in mind.
  4. Do not give any of your old information such as name, mobile number, address etc. when applying AdSense. All of this is exactly what you have provided in the Fresh Information, which you have never given in AdSense before.
  5. Once you’ve applied, don’t stop working on your blog. On the contrary, continue to publish 1 daily post article. Until you get AdSense. If you do, then I guarantee that you will surely get the Google AdSense Approval.

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