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How to Use Social Media to Get a job

Why don’t I get a job?

If you have completed your education, and you are not getting a suitable job after that, there are two reasons. First of all it can be related to the situation of the country, good governance, and job market. It is no longer possible to correct these conditions individually. They can only be commented upon and discussed. And that’s it!

But another reason for unemployment or not getting a better job is related to individual attitudes, which can be corrected. This makes it possible for unemployment to get better jobs and employment.

The need for relationships:

The problems that come with being unemployed or not having any further development during the job include a good degree, experience, skills in your job, communication skills that require good “links.”

Often, people who have more contacts with successful people find a job or a job faster, even if they lack technical skills. Their “links” remove all weaknesses. That is why good relationships are very important for job acquisition or development.

How to build better relationships?

Establishing good relationships with successful people in traditional ways is a difficult task, and maintaining those relationships is even more difficult. You have to be “ready for sacrifice” all the time. These include the sacrifice of time, money, energy, and family life. Despite these sacrifices, there is no guarantee that the personality will work for you or not.

What to do then?

If all those people who cannot or do not want to interact with the “successful” people in the traditional way, then what do they do for development? Such people need to do their own self-marketing, that is, to further enhance their features. Examples of this are the “politically-affiliated” people in our society because they do not allow their personal promotion to go away. Schools, colleges, hospitals are constructed national treasures, but they are named after party leaders.

How to do self-marketing or personal advertising?

Now the question is often raised in the minds of the companions, how do I advertise my personal?

Personal advertising is not a good thing, and it will reduce my dignity; people will consider me hungry for fame. No, it will not happen. We will try to inform you of some of the methods of personalized advertising through social media, rather than the traditional method, which will reach only those people with good qualities, which is very important to know them. There are many platforms on social media, from which you can personalize and build relationships. Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But if you want to establish your own promotion and relationships for the job, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for this.

Introduction to LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a social media network for these jobs; LinkedIn has been working for people since 2003. Currently, there are 400 million people worldwide who are regular members. Most people use “LinkedIn” to establish a professional relationship because “LinkedIn” is primarily about business networking. “LinkedIn” allows its members to connect with other people on the platform. Thanks to LinkedIn, you can build relationships with people in your field and industry very soon.

The basic version of LinkedIn is free, with no charge, but there is also a premium version, which has a regular fee. This paid version is generally preferred by CEOs of corporation heads, companies.

“LinkedIn” Why, isn’t a traditional CV effective?

Is a CV typed into the traditional Microsoft Word ineffective? Yes, because nowadays, HR managers of most companies do not give much importance to traditional CVs, as they find out that the CV is not created by the candidate itself, but rather created in a net club. While finding a competent CV for a large number of companies is a difficult step.

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