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Be it a simple blog, an online store, a school website, or an airline’s corporate web portal, and our first attempt is to persuade them to opt for Word Press. Why like this?

First of all, the community that uses it is huge; a third of the websites that are built around the world, made up of Word Press, are used for blogs. But even big companies like Sony, the Times, the New York Post and NBC have liked Word Press. It is very easy to change it on a daily basis, whenever you want to change its gender, to change the blog to an online store, to fit a business need is a pant that can be used with a little effort. It can be worn.

No Need to Go To A Developer:

It is truly “user friendly,” we send a two video or one-page tutorial to anyone of any age and background, so they keep updating easily. Whatever theme we choose from the client, it has many theme options, change the font, color, banner to whatever you want.

Plugins Use in Developing Websites:

Depending on the different requirements, smaller programs called plugins are also available for free and also for a small amount of money, which you can even install on your own. Since there is a huge community on this platform, there are thousands of plugins available, and millions of developers are building something like mobile apps these days.

Word Press Help you To Quick making Website:

Websites built on Word Press are quickly coming to the top ranks of Google search engine in terms of their structure, giving business leads more opportunities. It is mobile friendly. Your nephew and son’s friend will make the website self-coding, it will probably not be mobile-friendly and secure, and if they go to Dubai, their code will be understood by another developer. It may be difficult, but if he or she chooses Word Press, there will be a lot of things saved, and anyone who has used Word Press will be able to help you.

Your site will soon be included in Google’s index:

Nowadays, I am preparing for a brief meeting for the general public, where managers, Setlists, and those in positions of management will gather for two hours and understand why a website is important. Do marketing on social media or email? And when looking for the person who manages your social media and website, first be sensed that whoever is on the job, he knows the basics or not … that job is just like many people around the world when we have. Want to learn only by “spoiling” one’s work after taking it. They know that the owners do not know anything about it if the owners are willing to take short and necessary knowledge. So they have to pay a heavy price. The best way to do this is to place your link on a site that is already included on Google. Your site will also be included in the Google search index in about a week. The best way to do this is to have a number of Urdu forums available on the Forum Sites on the Internet

You Should Create A Blog On BlogSpot Or Word Press:

As far as my experience is concerned, then I would suggest you, it would be better to get a Google AdSense account, as you will not have to design the page, as well. Google teams often reject sites simply because they do not design professional or “Google AdSense friendly.” Secondly, once you get an AdSense account, you can place Google ads on thousands of sites.

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