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How Does Internet Marketing Make a Business More Effective

The crowning king of the Internet has just re-introduced a new update to his algorithm, known as Panda 4.1, on September 24, 2014, in his search engine. Apparently, this update is mild, affecting three to five percent of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and Page Ranking (PR), but it is important to know that the last update was not just millions in the world, but the business of billions of dollars of online marketing on the Internet has been affected.

Now notice what’s updated:

  1. A website that has little doubt that they are keeping content that was stolen from another website.
  2. Web apps and sites that are a bit skeptical about using code or scripts without API (i.e., real source approval).
  3. Websites that go to Autobots. If the unnecessary links are found, then their frequency update duration will be double the penalty or once a month.
  4. All the articles that do not have the author’s confirmation, ie, if they do not have a physical presence in terms of their name and algorithm, then the website will drop its ranking.

Mobile operating system:

Android, released in 2008, and later versions have rocked the world. Since then, this operating system has not only been stabilizing its space but is also rapidly flourishing, and big corporations are using it in their phones, which are listed on Samsung. The world’s largest mobile phone maker.

They say that drowning is supported by straw. This example is true for Nokia and Microsoft. To support their sinking boat, the duo offered “mobile phones” based on Windows Phone. Nokia recently introduced Windows Phone 8-based mobile phones with the hope that its predecessors might return to the past. Nokia, which had a share of 80% in the mobile phone market some years ago, now owns only 20%. Despite saying goodbye to Sambian, the Finnish company Nokia has reached the finish, but it is still not ready to bow down to Android. The reason for its alliance with Microsoft is that they may be able to withstand Android. However, all the statistics indicate that the popularity of Android is only increasing day by day. It is also said about the BlackBerry, that she might have started using Android, but she didn’t do it just to look unique and keep her identity. The same is the case for Nokia, how they start using a competitor’s operating system. Will there ever be a day when there will only be Android like there was only Sambian?

Note: Microsoft has now bought Nokia

Ads Exchange:

In 2007, Google bought DoubleClick for $ 3.1 billion, a popular advertising management platform. Microsoft bought Atlas Systems in 2007 for $ 6 billion, but Atlas Systems has no significant stake in the sector.

Double click in the advertising market is a great way for Google to get out of the emergency. Google no longer relies on it, but will definitely use it as a weapon when needed.

Advertising networks:

AdSense advertising reaches nearly 200 million users worldwide, and accounts for 28% of the company’s revenue, generating $ 9.72 billion in profits annually. Microsoft also has its own advertising network, called the Microsoft Media Network. Which is restricted to the United States only. Its ads appear on Bang Search Engine, Hotmail, Live, and MSN Messenger.

Google AdSense is no match for Microsoft Media Network:

AdSense ads can be placed on any website that meets the criteria for AdSense. Nissan ads can be integrated with any website design. In addition, many other options are available not only on the website but also the option to display in feeds, videos, search results, and email. Thus the network is expanding rapidly, while Microsoft’s media network is limited to its own service websites. That’s why Google has completely defeated Microsoft in this field

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