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Why You Can’t get Orders on Fiverr

I don’t get an order on ٖ Fiverr. Often it is heard. There are many reasons for this. Here are some of the ones we found to be interesting: They are as follows.

Make your profile beautiful:

First of all, make your profile beautiful, and apply as much lime as it can. Build your portfolio, and the portfolio is like your CV, which is your working experience show? You have kept samples of your work. Keeps a list of your past projects. If you can afford to buy a domain and to host for it, then definitely buy it.

Make The Title Amazing:

Your first gig in the Fiverr is the title show. Therefore, make the title so amazing that the customer is forced to open your gig. Similarly, design a good image of Gig. Most people prefer video to read gig details. So make a video, and if possible, make your own. Also, write down the details of the gig inappropriate words and make it beautiful, and be sure to include points and bullets in it.

Be sure to include a photo.

I’ve made a note that top gag sellers must put their picture in the gig’s picture. So if you can in a gig picture, gig sure to put a picture of yourself smiling. The psychology of human beings is that they are scared of dealing with the unknown at the outset. So your image, your self-confidence and your smile can win someone’s heart, and they can trust you and give you orders.

 Give the customer a friendly atmosphere.

The conversation is a mirror of personality. So win your customer’s heart at the first conversation. Newcomers to the Fiverr area in the unsecure condition, and there are also a few confusions when contacting someone, who does not know who and what will work. So, at the first meeting, give the customer a friendly atmosphere.

Most friends make just a couple of gigs and wait for the order to arrive:

You guys have an idea, there are thousands of people working on Fiverr, and they all made 16 gigs. In that case, your one or two gigs will be in a corner; no one will see.

So make gigs as much as you can if I have made 16 gigs. So I only get orders for 2 or 3 gigs, and only one gig is more active. If You Really Want To Make Money on The Internet So don’t just grab the fiverr’s feet. There are a lot more web sites than Fiverrworks. On which you can offer your services. There are more than twenty good sites like Peoplepower, Up work, Save Clerk. Freelancers are working on it and making money.

Similarly, you have to work on the Fiverr, then create two or three accounts. Someone will have to run some account, and if you want to leave it running then delete it.

Keep Updating Your Profile:

Keep updating your services, your skills, your skills. This is the era, in that IT is not running like a rabbit, but it is running at a speed of 120 km. Like a turtle, if we are sitting with one skill, we will never succeed, and we will be able to move forward whether it’s search engine optimization, web development, programming or graphics designing. Everything is changing with each passing time, and anyone who does not change and update himself with these changes will be left far behind.

Promote your Gig Account:

After making the gig, we are sitting in wait for someone to come to God and give us orders. Who are wise shopkeepers? They attract customers by making noise. Older people always promote their gig. Even if we try to be wise, we do it wrong. Pakistanis promote their gigs in Pakistani groups and in spam groups. Brother, I have to promote my gig, so do it in a place where any result comes from. Pakistanis have to be the opposite. I don’t get orders, so how can you earn, block your Fiverr account right now. There are thousands of English language groups on Facebook. Join it and promote your gigs there according to the rules.

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