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How Does Industrial Espionage Affect The Business?

There are two major ways to do Business Online

  • Drop shipping Business
  • Local Business Online

We will teach you the following skills, including creating an online store, finding a customer for your product, and many more. From which you can earn good money, but time and continuous hard work bring color and blessing.

Website or online store:

Online stores will be set up to suit the European market so that you can provide better service in Pakistan, which will be in line with the international market. Website related to your service

Graphic designer Photoshop cs6:

There is a huge demand for this product in the market so that you can do your own graphics of your product and create its own banner.

 Google Marketing:

It runs all over the world and its demand is increasing, because in today’s world whoever has a mobile. It needs three things: Google, Facebook and YouTube

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook marketing is making millions, because it has brought people together on one platform

Instagram Marketing:

This is a great place to sell expensive things, where there are more women.

YouTube Course or Video Marketing:

Make videos about your product or service and post them on YouTube.

It also gives you money on YouTube, and your service or product promotion also reaches people, as I will teach you all these skills.

Should the product be sold?

This question is very valuable, the answer to this question, you also change yourself according to the needs of the market.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a very valuable asset today. To prove that any business can carry on for generations, I would like to point out that people here in Europe have their bank accounts on e-mail, and these people have Facebook IDs and e-mails.

Can you promote your service or product for free every week?

Also, when feeding or posting a public post, make sure you have a balance in your spendable, feed only if you have a balance, or post a public post. If there is no balance, make money first. Or recharge your account. If you do not do this and only post publicly, then the money will be deducted from your withdrawals, but before deducting money, when you start posting public post, Income On will warn you that if you do not have a balance in the spreadable, then the balance will go out of the draw able. Post a public post or post to friends, family or Business. These three are absolutely free, but you will not get a great job on these three and no one will be able to feed you so friends, family and Business. Posts will not earn you out-of-click revenue

Why does Industrial Espionage Occur in Marketing field:

A survey asked the public to rate the NSA and Google from zero to ten in terms of espionage. Users gave Google Spy a score of 7.39, while NSA gave a score of 7.06, which is higher than Google. This suggests that the American people feel more threatened by Google than by the NSA. Commenting on the result, Survata wrote that perhaps the American people feel less threatened by the NSA than Google because the NSA only spies on people who are guilty, not everyone. But Google spies on everyone who uses the Internet.

Internet Espionage in Information Technology:

The results of the survey actually support the views of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Snowden shocked the world by unveiling US espionage several months ago. A few weeks ago, Snowden said that websites such as Google and Facebook, which are easy to access people’s personal information, are no less than the enemy of human personal life.

Similarly, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange equated Google with N to A, saying that Google collects and sells people’s personal information and thus makes money. According to Assange, 80 percent of Google’s revenue comes from collecting consumer information and selling details of their personal trends based on that information.

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